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Lokie's Cake Smash Session

Lokies, the charming little boy, had a photo session that was a true feast for the eyes! His Sitter, cake smash, and splash session was a perfect blend of cuteness, excitement, and mess. Lokies was a natural in front of the camera, with his endearing smile that could light up any room. As he snuggled into his blankets, he was ready to show everyone what he was made of.

Things started off with a bang when it was time for the cake smash session. However, Lokies wasn't exactly keen on the sugary treat. Instead of smashing the cake with glee, he looked at it with suspicion and disinterest, like the cake had done something terrible to him in a past life. Nevertheless, this charming little boy proved to be a trooper, pulling through and making one heck of a mess in the face of adversity. And when it was time for the splash session, Lokies was in his element, splashing around and having a grand old time. It may not have been the cake that made him happy, but this little boy was a real superstar in every sense of the word.

Pop into my South Wales,Brynmawr photo studio or pop me a message to book your cake smash session today.


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