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Newborn Photography

I love photographing newborns here at Tracey Dobbs photography and I think it's very important that parents are well informed about their session. I often get ask when is the best time to book your photography session, short answer is as soon as possible, ideally before baby is even born. The ideal time to do the newborn session is between 4 days and 20 days, this is because they are usually a lot more sleepy and a lot easier to get the beautiful poses as their bones haven't hardened properly yet. Another question that comes up is how long will it take? This varies from baby to baby but usually between 3-5 hours so make sure you have a good 5 hours spare. In my studio in Abertillery I have the best quality clothing and props for your little one and I am fully trained and qualified to photograph your newborn to make sure you have a stunning gallery.

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